The Top 3 Best Carpet Cleaning Solutions We Recommend For Cleaners: Bissell, Bubba, Hoover Comparison

If there’s anything a few decades of collective carpet cleaning experience has taught us, it’s that choosing a good carpet cleaner is only half the battle; you also need the right carpet cleaning solution for your cleaner. Choose the wrong one, the manufacturers tell you, and not only will it fail to clean anything, you’ll also set your carpet cleaner on fire while burning a hole in your carpet. Fortunately, we’ve put in the time so you don’t have to; here are our top 3 recommendations for carpet cleaning solutions to feed your carpet cleaner. We love the Bissell 78H6B, the Bubba Super Steamer, and the Hoover AH30035, and w’ere going to tell you why. Keep in mind that the degree of effectiveness of each will depend on a range of factors, including which cleaner you’re using, what kind of carpet you’re cleaning, what you’re trying to clean out of said carpet, and the phase of the moon. A thorough carpet cleaning is still somewhat of an art, after all.

Bissell 2x Professional Deep Cleaning Formula 78H6B, 48 oz Pros and Cons

The Bissell is our favorite cleaning formula for most of the day-to-day jobs we do. Bissell states it’s safe for use in full-sized machines, which means pretty much anything upright, from a Bissell (one would hope) to a Hoover, Dirt Devil, Rug Doctor, or any other device that looks like a stereotypical upright cleaner will work with the formula. In our experience, that has been largely correct, and we’re happy to not have any records of early machine death that we could attribute to the cleaning formula.

The procedure for use is pretty standardized; vacuum the area, and add 1.25 capfuls (if you lose the cap, as we have in the past, that’s 2.5 oz) to every gallon of hot water. If you’ve got a Bissell with a combination formula / smartmix tank, you instead add a cup of hot water to the tank and then fill to the fill line with formula. Because you get 48 oz per jug, that works out to 19 cleaning sessions if you use the cap / gallon mix.

Practically speaking, you can expect to cover a normal-sized living room’s worth of carpet (say 20×40 feet) per cap / gallon mixture, although your results will, as noted earlier, vary considerably. We’re particularly big fans of how well the formula does with animal stains and smells; a particularly happy client once told us that she’d never be able to tell she had 5 dogs if she simply looked at her carpets. We didn’t inquire about how she’d managed to acquire that many dogs.

Our biggest suggestion for anyone considering the Bissell would be to buy the multi-packs; each jug lasts a while, but you’re going to want to use them a lot when you see the job they do on your carpets.

Bubba’s Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner, 32 oz Pros and Cons

The wonderfully named Bubba cleaner is made specifically by a pet supply company, which bodes well when you apply it to pet products. They describe it as a good solution for fighting pee odors from dogs and cats, and we support their assertion. In our experience, it was certainly capable of erasing dog and cat urination assaults on things we held dear, such as our carpets, sofas, beds, loveseats…the list is long.

Like the Bissell, the Bubba is designed to be compatible with any major carpet cleaner, but it also is described as compatible with any “national brand” carpet shampooer, which effectively means anything you’ll find on Amazon or in department stores. Their claims matched our experience. We also like how miserly the solution can be used at only 1 oz needed per gallon of water; our armchair math suggests 30 cleaning sessions, or 11 more than those from the Bissell. If there’s anything negative we can say about it, it’s that it didn’t seem to remove as many food and drink stains from deep carpets as the Bissell, which did negate all of the mathematical advantage it initially had over the Bissell. We’d estimate you’ll get around 15 uses per bottle if you use it the way we did.

Hoover Platinum Collection Pet Plus Carpet and Upholstery Detergent 50z AH30035 Pros and Cons

Finally, even if it’s not our favorite of the three, we’d still recommend the Hoover cleaning fluid over many others on the market. You get the most liquid per jug, but in our experience, you also end up using the most to get equivalent results; when we ran all three fluids through the same machine (a Bissell 86T3) and went over three different areas of the same carpet, we consistently felt we needed around 4 oz of cleaning fluid, yielding about 12 sessions per bottle. Depending on your unique setup, of course, you might end up using much less–or much more.

Conclusions – which is the best?

For us, the Bissell was a clear winner, followed by the Bubba in second place and the Hoover in 3rd. However, it’s important to remember that even in 3rd position, the Hoover made a lot of other fluids we’ve tried seem like those other jugs were filled with water. It’s hard to go wrong with any of these.

You can buy the Bissell 78H6B on Amazon here, the Bubba Super Steamer here, and the Hoover AH30035 here.

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Heated EDIC Galaxy 2000 Carpet Cleaning Extractor Review – The Best Professional Cleaner We’ve Tested

If you’re looking for the best carpet cleaner money can buy, we’re going to save you some time: you’re looking for the EDIC Galaxy 2000. Specifically, you want the 500 PSI model with the external 2000 watt heater . That’s right–it comes with a heater capable of providing a continuous source of near-boiling water at 210 degrees. The EDIC is a commercial grade carpet cleaning extractor, and it’s the kind of industrial-scale carpet cleaner we use in high end hotel contract work, for massive enterprise situations, or in day-to-day small business. We’ve used them in laundry and janitorial situations, in restaurants and dormitories, and everywhere in between. It’s above and beyond what most people will need for single family homes, but if you fall into a special case as an exceptionally meticulous homeowner, or are a business type looking for the best carpet cleaner made in the USA for and by professionals, this is what you’re looking for. We own two, despite how much they cost (they’re not cheap). Are they worth it for our needs? Absolutely.

What Kinds of Galaxy 2000s are available?

There are range of Galaxies currently on the market; the 12-gallon extractors have 2000 model numbers while professionals with even greater needs can purchase the 2700 series which come with 17-gallon solution tank. You can buy them with or without heat (the HR-appendix in the model codes) and with a variety of PSIs from 100 (SX) to 150 (IX) to 200 (JX) to 250 (KX) all the way to 500 (CX).

The Pros of the Heated EDIC Galaxy 2000

The main pros to the Galaxy have to do with the fact that it’s a professional tool for professional use. American Extractors didn’t cut corners in most parts of its construction; the machine is a beast inside and out (and yes, we’ve taken it apart to peek inside). The fact that it comes with an external heater already sets it apart from 99% of carpet cleaners on the market, as you’re going to have a continuous source of hot water for as long as you’re on the job. The fact that it’s external instead of internal is another advantage, as this keeps the internal components going longer since they aren’t enmeshed in a plastic case to roast at 210 degrees with the water you’re heating.

Heated EDIC Galaxy 2000 Cons

One of the biggest cons of the heated Galaxy is its meager 2 year warranty for parts and labor. A tool at this level should come with at least a 10 year warranty, especially considering the environments in which it’s going to be used. However, the body itself, which is made of polyethylene, or high-end plastic, does come with a lifetime warranty, which helps take the sting out of some repairs. The heater core also has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Noteworthy features of the Heated Galaxy 2000

The heated Galaxy 2000 features, as noted above, an external 2000 watt heater capable of maintaining 210 degrees Fahrenheit. We tested it with a thermometer at 5 minutes and 15 minutes and temperatures were typically within 5 degrees of this figure, which was reassurring. Solution pressure, per American Extractors, can be adjusted between 50 PSI and 500 PSI. Within the (huge) box, you get a pair of 50 foot power cables, a 25 foot vacuum hose, and a 25 foot solution hose, in addition to a hose bag. The hose bag isn’t very useful, to be honest, but it’s designed to help you keep the hose assembly in place. The solution tank has a 12 gallon capacity while the recovery tank holds 11 gallons. A pair of vacuum motors included deliver up to 150″ of lift.

What are the dimensions of the EDIC Galaxy?

The entire assembled extractor weighs a not-so-svelte 85 pounds and is 18 inches wide by 31 inches long by 36 inches long. If you skip out on the external heater, the height drops by an imperceptible inch and the weight drops to 78 pounds. Compared to the Bissell Big Green BG10, it’s significantly heavier (the BG10 weighs 42 pounds), wider, and longer, but it also cleans at a level the BG10 isn’t designed to compete with. This is a machine you’ll keep for decades, and with any luck, you’ll pass it on to your employees when you retire from all the money you’ve made using it.

Special considerations for the EDIC Galaxy

When using a tool like the Galaxy, there are a few specifics to keep in mind. First of all, you’re going to need to run a water line to it to operate it with continual hot water. We apologize if this seems painfully obvious, but we’ve had a number of jobs where we weren’t able to get to work on schedule because the staff on site didn’t realize we weren’t going to carry perpetually hot water onboard for a three hour job. Next, you’re going to need separate circuits in which to plug in the two power cables; one is for power and the other is for the heater. Naturally, if you’re not using the heater, you won’t need the second power source. The extractor uses 110 household volts, but again, the plugs need separate circuits or you’re probably going to trip whatever circuit breaker you’re plugged into each time you get the heater going. You can also buy a double jet wand.

Finally, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need the top end Galaxy; it depends on the kind of work you do. If you don’t need the heater, you can save some money by avoiding it. Similarly, American Extractors also sells a lower PSI model. However, don’t skimp on what you need just to save a few hundred; get what you need the first time and you’ll save both time and money.

You can buy the Heated EDIC Galaxy 2000 at Amazon here. If you don’t need 500 PSI of pressure, you can buy it with a 100 PSI limit here. You can buy it for even less money without the heater here.

If you find our research on PMC helpful, you can support our efforts to keep maniacally testing carpet cleaners by bookmarking and shopping through this Amazon link.  We promise to keep fighting the good fight against child and animal droppings everywhere.

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