Miele Reviews

Miele makes some of the best canister vacuums on the market, and we’ve had the pleasure of using dozens of them over the years in a variety of personal and professional applications. Here are reviews our team has carefully put together on the pros, cons, and key features of each, along with comparisons to related models.


Miele Complete C3 Brilliant – Review here. Buy here.
Miele Complete C3 Marin – Review here. Buy here.
Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog – Review here. Buy here.
Miele Complete C3 Kona – Review here. Buy here.


Miele Complete C3 Alize – Review here. Buy here.
Miele Complete C3 Calima – Review here. Buy here.
Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet – Review here. Buy here.


Miele Compact C2 Electro+ – Review here. Buy here.
Miele Compact C2 Topaz – Review here. Buy here.


Miele Compact C2 Onyx – Review here. Buy here.
Miele Compact C2 Quartz – Review here. Buy here.
Miele Complete C2 Limited – Review here. Buy here.
Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Review here, Buy here.


Miele Classic C1 Titan – Review here. Buy here.
Miele Classic C1 Delphi – Review here. Buy here.
Miele Classic C1 Capri – Review here. Buy here.
Miele Classic C1 Olympus – Review here. Buy here.


Miele Compact C1 Turbo – Review here. Buy here.
Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction – Review here. Buy here.

Miele S2121 – Review here. Buy here.

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